Poets Introducing Poets

Poets Introducing Poets

Shortly after editors Judy Bolz and E. Ethelbert Miller took the helm in 2002, they realized they wanted to employ the discerning ears/eyes of Poet Lore’s contributing editors (Cornelius Eady, Tony Hoagland, David Lehman, Alberto Ríos, Jane Shore, David Wagoner, and Michele Wolf) in the selection and curation of poems for the magazine. To that end, in 2003 Bolz and Miller introduced a new feature, “Poets Introducing Poets,” in which these established poets could present work by writers they admire whose poems has never appeared in the magazine. In 2010, Bolz and Miller began expanding the series to include well-known poets from a variety of geographical and cultural constituencies, further enlarging the community they both created and actively participate in.

In each “Poets Introducing Poets” feature, the curating poet includes a brief introduction to the featured poet, characterizing the qualities that commanded their attention and forged their allegiance.

A History of Poets Introducing Poets

Tony Hoagland introduces Adrian Blevins  Fall/Winter 2003

David Lehman introduces Jay Leeming  Spring/Summer 2004
David Wagoner introduces Derek Sheffield  Fall/Winter 2004

Jane Shore introduces Nadell Fishman  Spring/Summer 2005

Michele Wolf introduces Amy Beeder  Spring/Summer 2006
Alberto Rios introduces Kyle Grant Wilson  Fall/Winter 2006

Liam Rector introduces Richard Schweie  Spring/Summer 2007
Tony Hoagland introduces Ken Hart  Fall/Winter 2007

David Wagoner introduces Caleb Barber  Spring/Summer 2008
Jane Shore introduces Gardner McFall  Fall/Winter 2008

Cornelius Eady introduces Gregory Pardlo  Spring/Summer 2009

David Lehman introduces Kate Angus  Spring/Summer 2010
D. Nurkse introduces dg nanouk okpik  Fall/Winter 2010

Sandra Gilbert introduces Diana O’Hehir  Spring/Summer 2011
Brenda Marie Osbey introduces M’Bilia Meekers  Fall/Winter 2011

Natasha Trethewey introduces Tarfia Faizullah  Fall/Winter 2013

Grace Cavalieri introduces Abdul Ali  Fall/Winter 2015

Naomi Shihab Nye introduces Jenny Browne  Fall/Winter 2016

Kimiko Hahn introduces Mihaela Moscaliuc  Fall/Winter 2017

Honorée Fannone Jeffers introduces Jacqueline Allen Trimble Fall/Winter 2018