Volume 106, Number 1/2

Volume 106, Number 1/2

pl10612-lg We have always loved each other / children all ways / pass it on —Lucille Clifton

Cover Caption: School integration. Barnard School, Washington, DC, 1955. Courtesy of the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

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Sally Lipton Derringer Look How White

Travis Mossotti I Had the Courage…

Lisa Fay Coutley Ode to the Bottle

Robert Walker More Evidence That My Father Is a Raymond Carver Character

Philip Dacey Homage to John Ashbery

Paul B. Roth Naming Silence

Marie-Elizabeth Mali Who Says the Ear Loves Silence?

Susan Rothbard Your Voice

Irene Sherlock Never Bend Down to Kiss a Dog

Brian Patrick Heston From Juvey

Daneen Bergland The Prodigal Vandals

Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda My Doll and I

David Bart Toys

Sudie Nostrand I Understand Joy

Robert Walker How I Fell in Love with Linda the Human Slinky

Susan Rothbard The Phlebotomist’s Dream

Paul Martin Leaving

Gary Fincke Dentistry

Ines P. Rivera Prosdocimi A Place Where Birds Would Warn Us

David Petruzelli The Projectionist

Bruce Lowry Honey

Virginia Bell Learning to Read Porno

Liz Robbins Unwrapped

Irene Sherlock Trouble

Mark Jay Brewin, Jr. Midnight Shift

Melanie Figg Regardless of What Is There To Be Seen

Kelly Terwilliger Improvisation

Kurt Steinwand Search Mode

Jim Daniels The Heavy Stuff

Julie Marie Wade Self-Portrait in Ugly Pants

Marianne Kunkel Why I Loved I Love Lucy

Naton Leslie You Have the Right to Babe Ruth

Tom Chandler Tarot Card Readings—Walk In

Jocelyn Heath Shell-Gathering in the Keys

Phillip Calderwood Civilization and Its Discontents

Thomas Dukes Sam Calls Angels to His Dreams, Again

Heather Kirn Helicopters Circle the Bedroom

Suzanne Zweizig American Supermarket Idyll

Craig Beaven Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

Dore Kiesselbach Construction

David Sullivan Kurdish House on Fire

Elizabeth Brewster Thomas Self-Elegy

Robert M. Chute Dr. Chute’s Secret Journal 3/22/03

Leonard Gontarek Incoming Prayer

Heather Kirn Conversational English

Jesse Wallis For My Former Wife

Danielle Sellers Memorial Day

Jessica Colley Train Sketches

Gretchen Primack Michael Kleiman

J.R. Solonche Barbed Wire

Joe Bueter Appetite

Jan Beatty Her Steerage

Sonja James Sugar

Barbara Crooker Sugar

Alice Pero The Memory Game

Benjamin Garcia The Memory Jar

Laura Madeline Wiseman The Baton

Diane Lockward Preservation

Joe Bueter Posture

Laura Madeline Wiseman First Wish

Janice Lynch Schuster My Father Breathes

James Doyle Tracking the Shark

Allan Peterson Losing the Ocean

David Wagoner Glancing Once at the North Atlantic

James McKean Clinker Boat

Dara Barnat The Sound of Bullfrogs

Kelly Cherry Dust Devil Trails

Katharine Coles So Far North

Tom Schabarum Swimming with Michelangelo

Lee Sharkey City of Light

Kathleen Boyle Tuesday

Karen Sagstetter Sunrise over the Mall

James McKean Mr. Moon

Fred Yannantuono Blackout on North South Road

Brett Foster Sketch of a Pedestrian: Boston, Sunset

Amanda Newell April

Brian Swann Moonlight

Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum Night Driving

Carol V. Davis The Way Light Begins to Fold on Itself

Christine Johnson-Duell My Husband Explains Light Years to Our Ten-Year-Old Daughter

Jim Daniels Driving the Narrow Roads of France to Detroit

Jim Daniels Christmas Dinner in Detroit, 2008

Marc Hudson Final Bath

Lorrie Goldensohn Passing On and Moving Out


Poets Introducing Poets

Sandra M. Gilbert introduces Diana O’Hehir


Clay Soldiers

Why Can’t I Dream About Him?

Walk Me to Schenectady

Pilot Me




Why I Won’t


Elephant Seal



Lucille Clifton’s Last Radio Interview

“The Poet and the Poem” Grace Cavalieri interviews Lucille Clifton



“A Few Ode-ish Thoughts” by Gray Jacobik



Robert Levine reviews Harmless by Myra Sklarew, War Bird by David Gewanter, and Shahid Reads His Own Palm by Reginald Dwayne Betts
Greg McBride reviews The Looking House by Fred Marchant
Zara Raab reviews Blood Honey by Chana Bloch