Volume 97, Number 3/4

Volume 97, Number 3/4

Cover Caption: Congressional Library at the Capitol, Black and White Photo, 5″ x 7″, Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

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Editors’ Page

In this issue of Poet Lore, our first as an editorial team, you will note a number of changes. Most significantly, in recent months we have reconfigured our staff and our publication schedule to offer you two double issues each year. We have revamped the graphics and front matter to some advantage and have redescribed our territory—”A 2nd Century of New Writing”—on the title page. For our covers we’ve sought out photographs from the late 19th century, like this early reading-room tableau, to highlight Poet Lore‘s long history. Even our venerable name has been reminted in a classic font.

What has not changed is our mandate to welcome new talent into publication. As editors of the oldest continuously published poetry journal in the country, we are mindful of tradition and eager for discovery. We mean to publish poetry that stops us and holds fast—that makes us readers again—and to bring you book reviews that explore the contemporary scene with insight and intelligence.

With this inaugural issue, we welcome you back to Poet Lore, hoping you’ll find in these pages what we believe they offer: new writing for the new century.



Poems by David Hernandez, Melissa Morphew, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Ahmos Zu-Bolton II, Frederick Zydek, and others.



Boneshaker by Jan Beatty
Strange Land by Sharon Kraus
The House of Song by David Wagoner
When the Moon Knows Your Wandering by Ruth Ellen Kocher