Summer/Fall 2021

Cover of Poet Lore Volume 116 1/2, Summer/Fall 2021 featuring a blue circular logo surrounded by abstract flourishes in black, blue, and yellow.In this issue:

Guest Editor’s Note
Tarfia Faizullah

Guest Editor’s Folio: Surrealism and Strangeness

Dreams of the Detainee
Sara Elkamel 

[I was reticent in childhood]
Jane Huffman

Care tag instructions for old blue nightgown after binge/purge
Catherine Valdez

Charlotte Knight

Hussain Ahmed

Sonnets for the Wars
Sara Afshar

Dream of the Third Body
Jasmine Khaliq

The River. The Beckoning. The Chandeliers.
Faisal Mohyuddin

External Forces
Urvi Kumbhat

Ode to My Breasts
Daniella Toosie-Watson

it’s uncool
Betsy Johnson

Arithmetic Aubade
Satya Dash

Life Story
Jeffrey Bean

Elegy for My Father
Ayokunle Falomo

Something about being associated with monkeys
Nora Green

A mannequin gives itself a pep talk for not feeling like a true Mexican
Andrew Navarro

Office Girl
Monica Patel

Nowhere Cento
Jessica Poli

Quarantine: Grammar & Speech
Rickey Laurentiis

New Water
Rickey Laurentiis

Joshua Gottlieb-Miller

Waiting to Hear from My Brother’s Girlfriend about the Results of Her Pregnancy Test
Elizabeth Threadgill

Jeremy Rock

Cinematic Study on Guilt
Yvanna Vien Tica

First Encounter with Jinni
Sarah Ghazal Ali

At the Funeral for Van Gogh’s Ear
Jose Hernandez Diaz

Salt Pillar Sestina
Jeni De La O 

Dark over Dark
Sally Rosen Kindred

Ripe Feathers
Ahmed Zaid

Monica Rico 

Stabs Way Out
Hailey Spencer

Andrew McSorley

Great auk in the afterlife
Erin L. McCoy

Ambalila Hemsell

Five Arabic Girls in The Sky
Kamelya Omayma Youssef 

J.D. Schraffenberger 

Chibuihe Obi Achimba 

Robert Laidler



Snowed In at Base Camp on Valentine’s Day
Mary Ardery

As you are receding
Dostena Anguelova, Translated from the Bulgarian by Holly Karapetkova

Your hands are
Dostena Anguelova, Translated from the Bulgarian by Holly Karapetkova

Water Birth
Taylor Lauren Davis

This Mojave
Erik Wilbur

The Untold World
Gregory Djanikian 

Tenney Park
Alexis Sears

Ted Bundy
Alexis Sears

Disentanglement Five
Salgado Maranhão, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin

Disentanglement One
Salgado Maranhão, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin                                      

What to Do when He Comes
Rebecca Cross 

Crossing Rivers
Sneha Subramanian Kanta

Without Chickens
Han VanderHart

Portrait of the Poet as Lumber
G. J. Sanford

I dare you to let me do your makeup
G. J. Sanford

A Hoot in the Poem
Dani Oliver

Marion H.S.

A Handful Of Leaves From Romania
Immanuel Mifsud, Translated from the Maltese by Ruth Ward

Nocturne: Guantánamo y Perú
Tara Mesalik MacMahon

I will return as the shadow of a moon: alone & far from now
Nicholas Alti

I Want To Tell Rachel Carson About Centralia, PA & 24-hr Gas Stations
Jennifer Loyd

Open House
William Fargason

The Glass Blower
William Fargason

I held Montauk in one hand and my love in the other
Milica Mijatović                 

Living On
Sheila Black

Ghost in Black & White
Liana Sakelliou, Translated from the Greek by Don Schofield

Slow Walk to Glory
Matt Schroeder

With Nietzsche in Appalachia
Jae Dyche

A Note on Process and Form
Kristi Maxwell

Kristi Maxwell

Kristi Maxwell

Past 30
R. Stempel

The Musician and The Crickets
Bailey Cohen-Vera 

Still Life with 4 Gauges
Leyla Çolpan

Sonic Madonna, After The Storm
Shelly Stewart Cato

Pushing My Name Down Their Bodies
Saúl Hernández