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In 2019, the journal celebrated 130 years in print—a crucial moment in the journal’s history. Helen A. Clarke and Charlotte Porter founded Poet Lore in 1889 with a broad commitment to world writers—and a mission of discovery. With your support, the journal can continue to introduce contemporary writers of promise to a broad audience, carrying its legacy well into a second century of publication.

Contributions allow Poet Lore to remain faithful to the printed word in a digital age by helping to undertake Poet Lore’s twice-annual printing and distribution cost. Your support also guarantees that Poet Lore’s executive editor reviews the thousands of annual poetry submissions they receive with the highest editorial standards.

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Poet Lore does what poetry journals are supposed to do: it gives new voices a place to sing and old voices a place to harmonize.
—A.B. Spellman, poet, music critic, and founding member of the Black Arts Movement


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