About Us

Poet Lore is a biannual print journal of poetry, essays, and reviews. Book-length issues deliver news from the interior—poems that make concerns of our moment both urgent and intimate. Published with the conviction that poetry provides a record of human experience as valuable as history, Poet Lore’s intended audience is broadly inclusive.

Like that of Poet Lore’s founders, the continued mission is one of discovery: a commitment to reading poem by poem without regard to reputation.

Unlike most journals, Poet Lore welcomes long poems and sequences. In this way, Poet Lore invites cover-to-cover reading, bringing diverse poems into conversation with one another.

Poet Lore’s reputation for discovery arises from this unique editorial culture: a commitment to considering each submission with care and engaging authors in a meaningful exchange. The goal is nothing less than offering its readers poems built to last.

Poet Lore is a wonderful thing—a venue with a venerable tradition and a cutting-edge presence. I’m grateful for the support the magazine showed me [when I was starting out], and for the forum it provides to writers from across the spectrum now.
—D. Nurkse, former poet laureate of Brooklyn and human rights writer