Guest Editor’s Call For Submissions

Our next guest edited call will be open from December 15th, 2023 through January 5th, 2024.

For our Winter/Spring 2024 issue, Guest Editor Luther Hughes will curate a folio of work by queer writers centered on love.

From Shakespeare to Adrienne Rich to Carl Phillips, love poems by queer writers have been a cornerstone of poetry throughout thousands of years. It is one of the most universal feelings we share as human beings, and one of the most powerful. Whether intimate or platonic, the subject of love reminds us that life is more than the hardships. Love poems can speak to many topics: heartbreak, joy, grief, trauma, humor, strangeness, desire, family, history, and health. Like love, poems about love can boundary-less.

For this folio, send your love poems. Send your heartbreak poems. Send your poems about sex. Send your poems about grief. Give into being without boundaries.

Please note: this folio is only for queer writers. All other writers are encourage to submit during our two general submission periods.

Poet Lore pays contributors $50 per published poem. Contributors also receive one copy of their issue, plus a copy of the following printed issue of Poet Lore.

You may submit up to 3 poems (maximum of 8 pages). If you currently have an open submission in our general submission queue, you are welcome to submit a separate submission to this themed call.

Submissions should be typed in a serif font (Times New Roman, Garamond, etc.) 12pt font, and include a cover page with the poet’s name, contact information, and title of the poems.

  • Include all poems in 1 single document and please only submit once.
  • Include the titles of all poems in your cover letter (bullet points or numbers are easiest).
  • If a poem is more than one page, please indicate if the second page begins with a new stanza.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, however, let us know in your cover letter if poems are simultaneously submitted, and please inform us immediately if a poem is accepted elsewhere.
  • We do not accept work that has been previously published. This includes on personal blogs and social media.
  • Upon acceptance, we ask for first serial rights, with rights reverting back to the author upon publication.

We are committed to diversity and inclusivity and highly encourage submissions from marginalized voices. We do not tolerate racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, or any work that promotes harmful stereotypes and viewpoints.