America's Oldest Poetry Journal

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Volume 115 1/2

From the Editor’s Note: 


Poetry is a grand conversation that crosses language, borders, classes, even time. When we write, we speak to all those that have written, all those who are writing, and all those who will write in the future. I find it thrilling to hear my voice in all those places; answering Shakespeare while addressing pandemic with an eye on the possibilities of this poem 20 years from today. What should I say? What can I say? What have I already said? …and who am I saying it to?

In the pages that follow, I believe you will find a poem that speaks to you, and that you will want to speak back to. We here at Poet Lore want to help facilitate these conversations and so, in this issue you will find a handful of writing prompts from the supremely talented poet and teacher, Erika Meitner. After you’ve finished the poem(s), please send them along our way via submittable so you can participate in the conversation taking place on our website. Think of it as the Poet Lore aside.

We’ve been around for 131 years. To celebrate that fact, the issue you now hold in your hands is the largest, most substantial issue of Poet Lore ever put together. There are just over 130 poems here as a testament to what we’ve done, plus a few extras that are like wishes to what we hope to accomplish in the future.